Elusive 2 (M6) : discover the secrets of this suite that is illusion

Insaisissables 2 (M6) : découvrez les secrets de cette suite qui fait illusion

The magic is still there in this second installment ofElusive aired tonight on M6. It tells you all the secrets of this authentic sleight-of-film.

A cast of top-flight

Surprise success of the summer of 2013, Elusive followed the adventures of a group of magicians are gifted, nicknamed “the Four Horsemen”, who put their talent to stage daring robberies. In Elusive 2 (aired tonight on the French channel M6), the second part of this Ocean’s Eleven of the conjuring, we find the gang of four. Or almost. If Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Woody Harrelson are still present, the latter takes in the film with a double role : the mentalist Merritt McKinney and Chase, his evil twin brother ! And Isla Fisher was unable to resume his character because of a third pregnancy. She was replaced by Lizzy Caplan, the heroine of the series Masters of Sex.

A sorcerer among the magicians

It is the surprise of this new opus : Daniel Radcliffe, who is familiar with the world of magic after eight films of the franchise Harry Potter, plays the villain. Sporting a beard, he embodies a young software magnate looking for a chip that will allow him to hack into all the computers of the planet. At the head of a vast criminal organization, this millionaire recruits force the quartet and forced it to turn in one of the computer systems the most secure in the world. In one scene, this genius of crime reveals our heroes to be “tried to the magic when he was in school.” A tasty blink of an eye !

A trip around the world

If the action of the first episode takes place between Las Vegas, Paris, New York and New Orleans, this new component offers to other destinations : we visit this time China and England in addition to the United States. The filming was also held in part to Macau, a former Portuguese colony, where the team filmed an awesome battle in a market. Then he was in full activity, a casino hotel of the city, the Sands Macau, has even allowed the production to make shooting in the games room. An on-board camera on-board a uav helicopter has also been used in the walls of the casino. It was moving at 40 km/h while following the actors. A bold device.

Of course magic

In terms of realism, the actors are truly exercised at the magic by participating in a seminar upstream of the filming. They trained for days, working their dexterity, have learned to make disappear objects, and to control the gestures of magicians. For the needs of an important sequence, they have even investigated the handling of the cards (the catch, the throw to the other end of the room). Only the singer and actor from taiwan’s Jay Chou was already experienced in this field. In fact, the star had already given shows of magic on chinese tv.