Elina Svitolina: to Win the Olympics more important than Grand Slam tournament – news ZIK.UA

Еліна Світоліна: Перемога на Олімпіаді більш значима, ніж на турнірі Grand Slam – новини ZIK.UA

The fourth racket of the world of women’s tennis Elina Svitolina noted that the victory at the Olympic games more important than the tournament series Grand Slam.

“Goals for the new season very much. This is the first racket of the world and a Grand Slam. I’m moving in the right direction, always improve your rating. I will try to prepare to play as best as possible. The first Grand Slam tournament to be held in Melbourne in January, very difficult for all players, he is the first of the year and after heavy training in December. This tournament, which always shows who is slacking and who is really trained. Will be a tough tournament, let’s see how will play, but I think that the tournament in Singapore has brought me much experience, and I will be able to use it right.

I want to win a Grand Slam tournament or the Olympic games? I think that the victory at the Olympic games more weight, because you’re representing your country.

Always when I go on court and play such as the Federation Cup, when we played with Sasha Dolgopolov in Hopman Cup, we represented Ukraine. At the Olympic games in Rio, just ran goosebumps, incredible feeling when the anthem plays, when you have done something that the whole country is proud of,” quoted Elina Svitolina championat.com.

Note that Elina Svitolina became the best tennis player Oct version of the WTA.

Recall that last month Svitolina won WTA finals in Singapore, which allowed her for the first time to finish the season on the fourth line of a world rating.

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