Elections in General relativity: the Participants speak about violations and provocations

Выборы в ОТО: Участники гонки заявляют о нарушениях и провокациях

Representatives of the BPP and IN the “Fatherland” declare the violations during the elections of local heads and deputies in 78 GSS.

It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda.

In particular, in the Lvov cell “BPP “Solidarity” declared that the elections in Lopatinskiy GSS, plot No. 461006 in the village. Lopatin, two members of the election Commission from the party DILL voted twice.

“One of the members of the election Commission is the current head Lopatina, and the other candidate. The violation was recorded by an observer from the BPP, to the area called the police,” – said in the message.

“In Rokitnovsky district of Rivne oblast in the elections to Staroselskoe General relativity fixed that against the candidate for the presidency of the community of BPP Mikhail Kuzmich come provocation: in the morning, someone started putting up campaign leaflets in front of the village Council on its behalf. The main rival of the poet is acting Staroselsky Chapter Gregory Kovalets from the party Batkivshchyna”, – stated in the BPP.

In the elections to Dajkovic General relativity , plot No. 560678 in the voting booth with the voter, there were still a few people, the members of the election Commission did not react to this violation.

In the “Fatherland“, in turn, said that in the Rivne region on the eve of the vote the candidates from VO “Batkivshchyna”, who are running for tips Korninsky and Dakovacki GSS, “allegedly called law enforcement officials and required to appear at the interview with the local village Council” .

“During a personal meeting with one of our candidates unknown refused to show his business card, but only wrongly accused of the bribery of voters”, – stated in the message.

In the Volyn region on the territory of the electoral precinct No. 070536 in the village of Ratniv Lutsk district noticed the woman that was mentioned in the lists of voters came to vote.

“It turned out that the woman is a confidant of the candidate for deputies of councils of General relativity on the district No. 24 Yuri Shumsky, who is running as an independent candidate, but openly supports “BPP”. Representatives of law enforcement bodies tried to find out what is actually involved in the Trustee candidate and how she got the voter lists, however, she quickly left the territory”, – declared in “Batkivshchyna”.

In S. Kolodenka in RIVNENS’ka voter lists from Friday was closed in the safe with the ballots that voters “could not verify their presence in the lists”.

Also, the message of political power, in Baryshevskii OTO in the Kiev region Commission members from the BPP violate election laws.

“In Baryshevskii by members of the precinct election Commission No. 320004 from BPP within the single-mandate constituency №8 issued the ballots to the district No. 9, which made it impossible for voters to exercise their voting rights”, – declared in “Batkivshchyna”.

In the police of the Kiev region , in turn, said that in Baryshevka “first recorded violation, the Commission has already made the act”.

“The falsification was noticed by the media representative. The journalist wrote the corresponding application to the police. On site works investigative team. In fact an inspection is carried out”, – told the police.

We will remind, on December 23, 78 United communities in 13 regions held local elections of heads and deputies – 9 city, 16 township, 53 of rural OTO.