Economist about what the Ukrainians have increased the withdrawal of currency abroad five times: this figure may increase

Экономист о том, что украинцы нарастили вывод валюты за границу впятеро: эта цифра может еще увеличиться

Given that we have aktiviziruyutsya trip, the withdrawal of currency abroad also may increase.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the President of the Center crisis research Jaroslav Zhalilo.

“Maybe as a result of liberalization has occurred out of the shadows of these findings (currency abroad – Ed.). Previously not recorded, and has now begun to do so. Can do to increase the turnover. These figures are so insignificant in the scale of the economy, to say that there is some kind of trend yet I would not,” said the economist.

According to J. Zhalilo, given that we have aktiviziruyutsya trip, resulting bezveza for example, I do not exclude that this figure could increase.

“As far as we have now increased the number of trips I’ve seen the figure, which is 1.5 times over the last year. That is, there was a number of how many people used bezveza and so on,” he said.

We will remind, during the year, the pace of withdrawal of foreign currency abroad has increased five-fold. This is evidenced by data of the National Bank. So, last year, the Bank issued the 2.1 thousand electronic currency of licenses to natural persons, which brought the population abroad 45.5 million dollars. In this case, from 3 July 2017 and at the end of the same year was issued 402 licenses. Operations were conducted at the 368 of them in the amount of almost $ 9 million equivalent.