Dzhangirov: it is logical that Congress Opsag called emergency, this campaign was difficult to collect

Джангиров: логично что съезд ОпЗаж назвали чрезвычайным, эту кампания трудно было собрать

“Finally, on January 29 took place three times announced (earlier-on 10 and 16 January) the Congress brand of “Opposition platform-For Life!” (the term “brand” which refers to something that exists de facto, unlike the party, still existing de jure),” writes on his page in Facebook by political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov.

In his opinion, it is logical that Congress called “extraordinary” because this company has proved to be extremely difficult to collect. “Therefore, the Congress can still be called a triumph — it was a triumph of Medvedchuk, this company brought together under one roof. The “roof” — in the best sense of the word: it is about the roof of the sports base “Dynamo” in Koncha Zaspa (which remembers where it came from political tradition: “the Team of our youth…” don’t sing — there will be no vote! — a reminder for those who have forgotten a similar case 20 years ago)”.

Also Dzhangirov believes that, in the TV picture without sound it would be completely unclear who supports this Congress, because Yuriy Boiko was on it — and in organizational, and “stage” the plan on the sidelines… “However, this is a natural consequence of the organizational abilities of Yuri Boyka, multiplied by the mandatory Vadim Rabinovich in the performance of the obligations taken on…with the result that there was a need to convene an extraordinary Congress to support a… candidate…”