During the last decades in most European cities, the temperature rose more than one degree – news ZIK.UA

Протягом останніх десятиліть у більшості міст Європи температура зросла на понад один градус – новини ZIK.UA

In most European cities, the temperature increased more than 1 degree over the last decades.

According to the publication SPIEGEL, evidenced by data of the European centre for medium-range weather forecasts, which have been evaluated by European journalists Data Journalism Network (EDJNet), reports “European true”.

According to information, the average temperature in the Nordic and Baltic regions, in most parts of Andalusia and in the South-East of Romania in the twenty-first century has increased significantly compared to last century. In some places warming up a few degrees, which is reflected in life expectancy, health and welfare of the people.

For example, in Kiruna, a ski town in Northern Sweden, the average temperature increased by 3 degrees. In Granada, Cordoba and Malaga, all the Andalusian cities, the temperature increased by at least 1.5 degrees. The Romanian capital Bucharest recorded a warming of 1.4 degrees.

The study shows that over the last 117 years has changed the amount of warm and cold days in the year. For example, in the Croatian split, the number of days when the average temperature reached 27 degrees has increased from 1 day per year in the twentieth century up to 14 days a year in the twenty-first century.

The number of cold days per year in most European cities shrank. In Riga the number of days when the average daily temperature was below -1 degrees decreased from 75 to 57 days.

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