During a thunderstorm in the United States flew a huge cigar-shaped object (VIDEO)

Во время грозы в США пролетел огромный сигарообразный предмет (ВИДЕО)

A week ago a resident of Nebraska made an interesting record, which you can see a strange object in the sky. The video first appeared on YouTube channel “MrMBB333”, which leads the researcher from Arizona.

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According to an eyewitness, in the evening during bad weather in the sky came something perceived as alien torpedo.

The object was shaped like a cigar of epic proportions. He swiftly moved across the sky like a torpedo. The operator managed to capture the anomaly from the car. The object left a trail of black. The video itself is not such high quality as we would like, but to consider it the object is quite possible.

Ufologists, as you might guess, immediately put forward the theory about the aliens that supposedly visited our planet. Netizens suggested that the unit is developing a secret us military or Russian. By the way, then testing the device in bad weather and night time are quite logical.

Earlier in the desert of the United States crashed UFO.

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