Due to the cost of heating the Ukrainians will save on food – expert

Из-за подорожания отопления украинцы будут экономить на еде – эксперт

Due to the cost of heating from January 1, Ukrainians will save on food.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said the head of the Board of the Public Committee for the protection of human rights, Nikolai Kozyrev.

“The next growth of tariffs leads to further impoverishment of the population. Our government is doing everything to make Ukrainians remained the poorest country in Europe. The government long ago broke away from the people. She’s got one goal – the enrichment,” he said. Kozyrev.

According to him, rural people refuse gas and heated with firewood.

“Burned perennial plants needed for agriculture to regulate the moisture of the soil. Such consequences lead to the fact that people are increasingly becoming angry. In the end, due to the fact that many citizens are unable to pay, will increase the arrears of housing and communal services”,- concluded N. Kozyrev..

Recall From the beginning of the year population increase tariffs for hot water and heating due to the fact that producers of thermal energy have also raised prices. Approved this price increase was the decision of the national Commission regulating energy and communology another 10 11.12.2018.

The reason for such price increase for the population is related to the further cooperation with the IMF, namely, one of the requirements of the Foundation was the next rise in price of blue fuel, and the price of gas for the population, and CTV has risen by almost 23%. According to experts, 75% of the component of the heat tariff depends on the cost of gas. This means that the tariffs for heat in different cities on average, will increase from 4% to 24%.