Drugs, blackmail and a stolen phone: Azilia Banks accused Ilona Mask of lying

Drugs, blackmail and a stolen phone: Azilia Banks accused Ilona Mask of lying
Drugs, blackmail and a stolen phone: Azilia Banks accused Ilona Mask of lying
The 27-year-old rap artist Asilia Banks seems not ready to bury the hatchet between her and Ilon Mask. On the contrary, the girl is brandishing it with new strength and already broke the firewood.

Previously, Banks, in a friendly relationship with the performer Grimes, who meets with the founder of Tesla and Space X, said that a businessman suffering from bipolar disorder wrote tweets under the influence of drugs and cheated with his investors. The singer allegedly became a witness of these events when she was staying at the Mask’s house.

In particular, on August 7, Musk wrote in his account that he rated Tesla’s shares at $ 420 per piece, and now Azilia posted some screenshots of her correspondence with Grimes into the story, from which it can be seen that Ilon “rounded” the final price.

But the charges did not end there either. Banks later reported that the lawyers of Mask had confiscated her mobile phone, and she could not get it back. Moreover, Azilia claims that they want to blame her for blackmail and are allegedly threatened with prison term. At the same time, the performer again made a statement through the story in Instagram, by contacting the entrepreneur directly.

Contact me! I need my phone!

– she wrote, however, then deleted the messages.

On Sunday, cleaning in social networks, and he did Mask – he removed the account of Grimes from the list of his subscriptions on Twitter, which immediately gave rise to rumors about the separation of the pair. And today the media reported that Ilon also deleted his account in Instagram – at the moment the page is really unavailable.

Representatives of Mask, however, deny any connection between him and Banks.

Ilon is not familiar with Azilia Banks. Neither he nor his lawyers own her smartphone,

– said one of the press attaches to the publication Business Insider.

Banks immediately reacted to the news, accusing the Mask of lying.

Why does he continue to lie?

– she signed a screenshot with the article.

It should be noted that the singer herself is not too willing to contact journalists. The editorial staff also got involved in the exchange of disfiguring screenshots and posted a part of the correspondence, in which Banks calls journalists “parasites”, and also specifies whether they receive bonuses from their superiors for exclusives.

Finally, Banks posted in the story also a funny collage. From it, according to the plan of the joker, apparently, we must conclude that Mask is in her hands and she is ready to turn them as she wants.

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