Draft laws on decentralization will be adopted by the new Parliament – analyst

Законопроекты о децентрализации будут приняты уже новым парламентом – политолог

The current Parliament will adopt laws on decentralization, it will be to do a new Parliament.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political expert Valentin Gaidai.

“It is a matter of debate, since consideration and adoption of these draft laws on decentralisation was announced last year (somewhere in December). It is obvious that they will try to consider this session, but we must understand that in the near future the Parliament is occupied more with the preparations for the elections. Therefore, to predict that BP will adopt these 4 of the draft law on decentralization in the near future, I would not have taken,” – said the analyst.

According to Viktor Gaidai, most likely, they will accept the new Parliament.

“After all, the Constitution clearly decentralization is not spelled out. It (the Constitution – Ed) was taken under a purely presidential vertical of power and its subordinate local authorities”, – he said.

Recall, the Ministry of regional development, construction, housing and utilities informs that the Verkhovna Rada registered 4 priority bill for a new phase of decentralization that require urgent adoption.