Donald Trump, “racist”, “supremacist” white tendency “fascist”… Robert De Niro explains her anger vis-à-vis the american president

Donald Trump, "raciste", "suprématiste blanc" à tendance "fasciste"... Robert De Niro explique sa colère vis-à-vis du président américain

Of all the opponents of Donald Trump, Robert de Niro is probably one of the most virulent. In an interview with the Guardian, the american actor has extensively explained the reasons for his anger toward the american president.

Robert de Niro has never hidden its antagonism vis-à-vis Donald Trump. Author of a viral video during the presidential campaign in 2016, the american actor had qualified the candidate Trump “stupid”, “dog”, “pig” and “scammer”. In June 2018, it had come back on the stage of Tony Awards by launching a virulent “Fuck Trump”. While the american president is just getting in a tough arm-wrestle with the congress to get the funding to build its wall on the mexican border, causing already one of the most long shutdown that America has ever known, Robert de Niro is explained in a long interview granted to the Guardian on the reasons – sometimes very personal – of his wrath vis-à-vis the latter.

“I am older now and just excited to see what happens, “he says to the british newspaper. When you see someone like Trump become president, you say, well, ok, let’s see what he will do, maybe he will change. But it became much worse ! He has shown that he was a true racist. I thought that, perhaps, as a New Yorker, he would understand that that represents the diversity in this city but it is as bad as I thought I was before and worse. It is a shame. It is a bad thing for this country,” he declared very concerned to see Donald Trump divide the country.

It must be said that Donald Trump has launched his political career in the United States by surfing on conspiracy theories, by questioning the place of birth of Barack Obama. It had also established an equivalence between the supremacist and white racist riots of Charlottesville. The father of six métis children, Robert de Niro said he was very concerned by the hatred that is gradually gaining his country. “Yes, I am worried. One of my children is gay, and he is concerned with the way in which it can be treated,” said the american actor.

Like many Americans, the actor of Taxi Driver admits to having been “naive” in thinking that the two mandates of president Barack Obama had opened a new era for an America free of racial questions that gangrènent the country. “I had the impression that we were in a new era. I had not realized how some of the people were against him – against his skin color, to be offended for it to be in this place.”

As to whether it is necessary to describe Donald Trump’s “suprematist white”, the response of Robert de Niro is unequivocal: “Yes !”, replied the actor. But is it fascist ? “I guess it is up there that tends.” He explained that, after all, we always began by laughing dictators before you take them seriously. “They had all looked funny. Hitler looked funny, Mussolini looked funny and other dictators had the air funny. (…) What bothers me is that, in the future, people will see Donald Trump as an example, ( … ), but they will be much more intelligent. Someone who has the same values as him, but which may go much farther and do more damage than a despot. This is my concern,” he asked.