Documents “Redcrest” deny any involvement Martynenko’s lawyer (PAPER)

Документы «Бредкреста» опровергают любую причастность Мартыненко - адвокат (ДОКУМЕНТ)

NABU and SAP manipulative attempt to associate Mykola Martynenko with “Redcrest” to switch the attention from the absence of losses in the so-called “business Martynenko”. But all the documents refute the involvement of ex-Deputy to the company.

Thus, the lawyer Petro Boyko commented on the court case, which involves Mykola Martynenko. About it reports a press-service eks-the Deputy.

According to the lawyer, the charges in the case relate to alleged losses to the government from contract “Energoatom” with Czech “Skoda”. “But the price of equipment “Skoda” was the standard for European countries. Independent examination of evidence for the absence of damages and the crime. On the contrary, the state received millions of profit,” – said Boyko.

“So close to the NAB prosecutors SAP tried, first, to hide from the court evidence of the economic feasibility of this contract. Second, realizing the failure of this case, prosecutors struggled to tighten it further, many times to read the same paper which is not germane to the case and to Martynenko. Thirdly, the prosecutors moved the case to a discussion of the activities of the company “Redcrest” with which “Skoda” (instead of “Energoatom”!) had economic relations. This is a question for the Czech “Skoda”, and certainly not to Mykola Martynenko,” – said the lawyer.

“However, – he said, – NABU and their support team are struggling to tie the last name Martynenko. Although all the documents on the establishment, ownership and operation “of Redcrest” refute figuring the ex-Deputy.”

The lawyer noted that the NAB has long been the Foundation agreement “Redcrest”, which is a joint stock company. “The prosecution knows that Mykola Martynenko there has never appeared, the stock did not own, did not use the money “Redcrest” and had no involvement in the activities of this company. Copy no print on the alleged open account waving NABU and SAP – it’s ridiculous. In the Bank profile you can enter the details of any person. But more importantly: at the time this company did not exist and opening her accounts was impossible. It’s like a baby without a pregnancy,” said Peter Boyko.

He said that the test of the Swiss authorities showed the legality and transparency of this company. “No charges in Switzerland against “Redcrest” were not made. About NABU and SAP also silent. Instead of trying to speculate on the relatives Martynenko, feeding their financial transactions as something incriminating. Although there are no violations, and most importantly – there does not appear anywhere Martynenko. However, prosecutors manipulative impose the thesis “Martynenko should be responsible for the activities of other people, because they are his relatives.” But they are adults and as witnesses will explain to the court their actions”, – said the lawyer.

Документы «Бредкреста» опровергают любую причастность Мартыненко - адвокат (ДОКУМЕНТ)

“The NABOO and their support team nod on the matter in Switzerland. But this thing from the beginning was PR for 5 years and there is no over – otherwise it would have long handed over to the Swiss court. It became a “suitcase without a handle”, which the Swiss Prosecutor happily sent to NABOO. In Ukraine NABU and SAP along with noisy “activists” appeal to hyped professional “Swiss drive”. It’s like the natives pray to the glass beads. The purpose of this “prayer” – to squeeze out the court’s illegal decision. Against Martynenko there is an undeclared war, which began during the previous government and was part of a political struggle”, – is spoken in the comment of the lawyer.


The photo a press-services.GN Martynenko: translation of Memorandum of the company “Redcrest”.