Doctors saved the patient from death by using 15 cans of beer

 Врачи спасли пациента от смерти с помощью 15 банок пива

In Vietnam, the doctor saved the patient from death from alcohol poisoning, pouring into it a 4.5 liters of beer. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in a hospital in Quang tri province. According to the head of the intensive care unit, Dr Le van Lama ( Le Van Lam), the ambulance took 48-year-old Nguyen van Nhat (Nguyen Van Nhat) to the hospital in serious condition. The level of methanol in his blood exceeded the norm by 1119 times due to the fact that he drank a lot of low-quality alcohol,reports Lenta.

The doctor decided to inject in the body men three cans of beer at 0,3 litre, due to the content of ethanol, the antidote to methanol. It helped, so in the next 12 hours the patient was given another Bank an hour. All this time doctors performed dialysis — cleaning the blood of deadly toxins. The treatment Nhat regained consciousness. In three weeks he recovered fully and was discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Lam explained that the alcohol can enter the human body in two forms — ethanol and methyl alcohol. The second is a deadly danger to humans due to the fact that is oxidized to the poisonous formaldehyde. When the intake of ethanol and methanol, the liver gives priority to the processing of ethanol. It was used by doctors, choosing a method of treatment.