Doctors-residents of the Republican clinical hospital has increased salaries

 Врачам-резидентам Республиканской клинической больницы повысили зарплаты

By resident doctors of the Republican clinical hospital began to receive more. The reform of the remuneration system came into force on the first of December. She touched two hundred thousand state employees.

Among them, the resident and sophomore Sergey Patriniche. Still he got 1800 lei, and now three thousand more.

”So much better, the difference is significant. I hope this will encourage resident physicians to remain in the country, and not to look for work abroad,” says the resident Sergey Patriniche.

”In recent years wages have increased from 800 to 5,200 lei. It is a kind of investment in our youth, our future”, – said head of chair of University of medicine and pharmacy Victor Cojocaru.

Public sector wages, according to reform, is now not below two thousand lei. Some received less because of the confusion with the documents. One of residental complained about it in social networks, but later admitted that she was wrong.

”It was a mistake. I didn’t know that you need to submit a register of working time before 15 December. Because of this, and such situation”, – said the resident Alina Technik.

”Probably, some residents instead of medicine involved in politics. All received 5200 lei. There are residents, whose wages amount to seven or eight, and even 12-13 thousand. They are, however, a little, about 10%. Those who want to make money, often take on duty”, – said the Director of the Republican clinical hospital Anatol Ciubotaru.

For answers to questions about the reform of the Ministry of Finance created a hotline. Phone number – 0-800-015-25. To increase salaries in the budget for this year laid a billion 300 million lei.