Doctors have compared Facebook with heroin

Медики сравнили Facebook с героином

The fact that users of social networks, like addicts, have strong addiction, but continue to consume a drug.

American researchers compared the social networks of dependent heroin addicts. The study was published in the journal of Behaviour Addictions, reports Bloomberg.

For the study of the dependence on social networks has come from scientists from the University of Michigan. According to lead researcher Dr. Dar Meshi, about a third of people in the world using social media and a significant part of them has signs of heavy dependence. In the experiment, the doctor suggested that 71 party to measure their degree of dependence on Facebook.

As it turned out, most of the participants showed signs of mental disorders. Psychiatrists compared them to drug addiction. “Addicts are, as a rule, do not learn from their mistakes, know of the dire consequences, but still continue to take the substance. In this video, and social media users alike,” concluded Dr. Meshi.

Meanwhile, owners of the Samsung can’t remove Facebook from their gadgets.