Doctors have called the most harmful dish of potatoes

Медики назвали самое вредное блюдо из картофеля

Doctors called one of the most harmful dishes you can prepare with potatoes. According to experts, despite the fact that this product is not useful by itself, it can cause substantial harm to the body if not properly cooked.

This writes Medical Daily.

Most injury can bring one of the most popular dishes, French fries. This is because the nature of cooking in which a vegetable fry on the butter. In this case, the liquid reaches a temperature of about 180 degrees, which induces the production of harmful substances, including toxins and carcinogens. Slightly lower the malicious effect in the case that use animal oil instead of vegetable. In addition, adding some spices also contributes to the fact that harm will be caused in a smaller size. However, when cooking French fries, the oil is used many times, causing the amount of toxins in the dish grows with each new batch.

Experts recommend to settle for jacket potatoes, which will not cause significant harm even to people with liver problems. In addition, a good alternative is harmful to the dish the potatoes are in the oven.

Recall that the Swedish student Pontus Turnquist, a finalist for The James Dyson Award, in which young scientists are offered a variety of development solutions for pressing world issues, presented the material called Plastic Potato.

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