Doctor: red meat varieties exacerbates the symptoms of the common cold

Врач: мясо красных сортов усугубляет симптомы простуды

Light broth of chicken or Turkey are an effective tool for the relief of cold, but the broths are pork or beef, as well as products made from these varieties when SARS is contraindicated.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Chicken soup sick with the flu or SARS, it is customary to cook barely l not in Europe and in the United States. The effectiveness of this meals to relieve symptoms of colds, chills, cough, sore and pain in the throat, confirmed by doctors and scientists.

The latter, in particular, found that in chicken cartilage and bone are special proteins that reduce inflammation and relieve the burning sensation.

“I can add that, during colds and flu the patient should not eat a lot of food, especially heavy and therefore nenavistyu broth is the perfect dish. In addition, the value of this dish and that light broth enhances the anti-infective function of white cells in the blood. In the chicken broth in a lot of nutrients and almost complete set of amino acids involved in blocking inflammation” – said the expert.

Plus, the warm broth reduces the amount of mucus in the nasopharynx, so that the recovery occurs faster.

“The broths and soups based on beef or pork during a cold is not recommended – on the contrary, they can increase the inflammation, and the stomach it is quite heavy food. As a result of this meal the body will have to spend a lot of energy on the digestion of fat and heavy meat, not for the restoration and infection control” – warned the doctor.

The expert also recalled that in the cold it is important to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to strengthen the immune system and provide the body with all necessary micronutrients.

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