Diseases of the respiratory system are often accompanied by irritability – expert

Болезни органов дыхания часто сопровождаются раздражительностью - эксперт

It is noticed that the development of respiratory diseases often associated with irritation, the rejection of those or other events or factors, or from maladjustment to life and the inability to stand up for themselves.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the psychologist Ekaterina Tishchenko.

“Allergy is a rejection of something, whether it is intolerance to citrus or cat fur. According to psychosomatics, to provoke her can excessive irritability in relation to anything, the inability to tolerate someone else’s point of view, hatred of one or another person, hostility toward the world and the inability to adapt to circumstances.

A little differently develops asthma is the inability to breathe normally, although it is the breath which gives us life. It often causes feelings of depression, fear of life, an unwillingness to strive for the best, as well as the inability to take care of myself” – sums up the expert.

Thus, in the presence of asthma, a person often feels that he is not worthy of a better life and the fact that he has his ceiling. In children asthma often occur when older brothers or sisters suppress them when parents no longer appreciate the success of other children, the child feels the fear of life and fear of being abandoned to their fate.

The development of the disease may be associated with a lack of fulfillment, limited living spaces, the fear of frankness, sincerity, to have to accept something new.

It is noticed that asthmatics Express more negative emotions, often angry, offended, tend to make plans of revenge and often rejoice in other people’s misfortunes.

“To trigger the development of bronchitis can the nervous atmosphere in the family, constant bickering and yelling, the hatred of parents or siblings, unwillingness to continue to live in marriage and so on. Unspoken anger and claims to close only accelerate and worsen the course of the disease,” – said the expert.

Diseases of the throat, believed to be nothing more than the inability to stand up for themselves. The angry words froze in my throat and for some reason afraid to speak, this tendency to suppress their emotions and conceal resentment. All this leads to frequent inflammation.

Chronic rhinitis – the habit of constantly “sniffed”, as if weeping occurs from negative emotions, sadness, inability to enjoy life and appreciate nice things. This is the position of the victim, which finds its expression in disease.