Discovered the body of 49-year-old man in an abandoned well in the village of Purcari

 Обнаружено тело 49-летнего мужчины в заброшенном колодце в селе Пуркары

In an abandoned well on the outskirts of the village Purcari district Stefan Voda discovered the body of 49-year-old local resident. According to experts, it’s been there for more than a week.

As the investigation revealed, on the day of death the deceased was in a neighbor’s town, which drank alcoholic beverages. Both were Smoking, and at some point I fell asleep. When the neighbor awoke the acrid smell of the smoke, he found that the villager was not breathing. Frightened, he dragged the body to the outskirts of the village and thrown into the well.

The next day the man told about what happened brother. He went to the police.