Director and head teacher of the school in China was caught to be distasteful in the workplace

Директора и завуча школы в Китае застукали за непристойным занятием на рабочем месте

Director and head teacher of the Chinese school of Hunan province Lei Hua and Won Tipene — installed nine devices for mining Ethereum worth $7 thousand in the building of the institution.

Because of this a few months the school has suffered losses in the amount of $2163, according to CoinDesk, citing a local newspaper HK01.

Originally Lei Hua has installed the device at home, however, due to high electricity costs has decided to defer mining-farm to school, where he carried out the theft of electricity.

Because the secret of mining from July to November, the electricity consumption in school increased by almost half, and also decreased speed of the IT network. The school first suggested that this is due to excessive use of air conditioners, but an investigation revealed that the cause was the illegal mining.

Convicted of theft of electricity is fired from his job and removed from his post in the Communist party, while his assistant escaped with a reprimand.

It should be noted that employees of the firms in China for poor performance were forced to drink urine.

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