Diplomatic sandal in Mexico: Ukrainian diplomats accused of extorting money for ATO (VIDEO)

Дипломатический сандал в Мексике: украинских дипломатов обвиняют в вымогательстве денег на АТО (ВИДЕО)

Employees of the Ukrainian Embassy in Mexico accused of extortion, allegedly for the needs of the army.

The diplomatic missions have started to complain about the Mexicans who come to Ukraine, said in the story TSN.

The lawyer Carlos Eduardo Soto Trevino said that the Ukrainian Consul before resolving visa issues demanded to hand over money allegedly for the needs of the army. The Embassy had asked for a charitable contribution in the amount of 80-100 dollars. Also the lawyer asked me to write you a letter, and only then he could obtain a visa, which must be paid separately.

“She, Anna the Prophet, says to write this letter personally and give the money to charity without a receipt,” called the lawyer the name of the woman who decides at the Embassy visa issues.

Another Mexican national, Sergio peña Serrano confirmed that the Consulate hosted an information stand attached example letters of “charitable donations”.

“On the table lay the form of a letter, which had to be reproduced, that I voluntarily donate money to Donbass”, — he said.

The very Prophet did not comment on information about voluntary contributions.

“If the citizens hand over money to the ATO – it is their own business, not mine,” — said the diplomat.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs after a request has begun checking dipuchrezhdeniya in Mexico, but no violations found. The Deputy Director of the consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich has told that the Embassy staff in Mexico have shown initiative to collect voluntary contributions, which are then transmitted to a military hospital in Kiev on the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the area of environmental protection. While in the hospital, this information is not commented.

Also, recall that on 5 October, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary sent from the Embassy in Budapest, the Ukrainian diplomat Dmitry Kerechanin.