Diametrically opposed statements: PDM tells about the needs of people and ACUM gives vent to their opponents ‘ hatred

 Диаметрально противоположные заявления: ДПМ говорит о потребностях людей, а блок ACUM изливает на оппонентов свою ненависть

Achieve and report on the needs of the people against the accusations of hatred and incitement to violence. We are talking about the beginning of the election campaign of the PDM and PDS Binom-Platform “YES”.

PDM goes to the polls under the slogan “Deeds, not talk!”, and speeches in front of the formation, balanced, focused on achievements and specific projects which aim to improve people’s lives.

– Start the campaign, confident that for us the important things, not conversations. Together with the PDM team, with the government, local public authorities, all the people of the PDM team, we received concrete results, despite the fact that in 2016, very few people believed in our success. For three years the Board of the PDM was able to make as many as are unable to previous authorities, – said the head of the PDM, the head of the list formation, as well as being a candidate for the electoral district of Nisporeni, Vlad plahotniuc.

In turn, the leader of the Platform “YES” Andrei Nastase made an aggressive speech, full of destructive messages is beyond the pale.

– Plahotniuc and he did us so much wrong and if we stay home, we’ll make even more bad (…) We are those who can make the final and the democratic attack on this mode (..) a Massive turnout to vote against the criminal authorities, the only way we will be able to find the truth, to regain the country, – said Andrei Nastase. Prime Minister Paul Philip, number two on the party’s list, made a balanced speech, saying that the authorities fulfilled their duty to the people and asking them to trust in order to continue the reforms.

– We knew that well we administer public money, and could invest in the support of the citizens and modernization of the country. We built the Foundation of well-being and in the next period it will grow. Our commitment is not only our promise. This sequence means all the best people and Moldova, – said Philip.

Differently sounded speech of the leader of the PDS Maia Sandu is on the verge of civility and decency. The impression that at some point she will start to swear.

We can no longer tolerate this injustice, when a bunch of thugs mocks the citizens. Their time has gone, – said Maia Sandu.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Parliament Andrian CANDU said that the electoral campaign means a contest of ideas, opinions, deeds, achievements, competition, the end of which the voter decides and chooses the best. Another look at the election campaign the Secretary General of the PDS Igor Grosu.

– We all are ready to give a kick you know where, the bandits, the thieves, said one of the deputies Maia Sandu.