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Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

At all times the world has created monsters, who loved murder and get pleasure from causing someone to torture. Cruelty has no gender, but mostly a killer associated with the male half at least, because men are physically stronger. The woman is weak, it needs to be preserved: the woman-mother who gives life, the woman-a love that inspires. However, it is not always so, because sometimes it is necessary not to protect women, and from them.

Monsters in Royal dresses

Not everyone can cope with big power. Intoxication can gain the most appalling forms, in particular to generate a passion for killing, which indulges with impunity.

Empress Qi XIDrakonIHA (ChinaSkye Empire)

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

Life Qi si was a difficult way from the bottom to the Imperial throne, she won by their own efforts. The daughter of a Manchu Mandarin was a concubine in the Palace of the Emperor, but of the lowest class, and this meant that in life she could never meet with the Lord.

However, the tireless enthusiasm for learning, and cunning, luck helped the girl to stand out and become a close friend of the Emperor’s wife. When the master asked for advice from a barren wife, whom did he choose for the birth of an heir, the answer was unequivocal – Qi si.

Tsy si showed himself as “the dragon lady” before he received the title of Empress. When she gave birth to an heir, began to take concubines for the Emperor, and immediately killing those who had become his friends.

In addition, have achieved their right to vote, and even orders in the important issues of the state. Conservative woman wanted to end the isolation of China and, fearing the loss of its ancient traditions, were ordered to publicly behead all the captured rebels. Qi si organised a bloody campaign of terror against the Europeans and Christian missionaries. Throughout most of her life, by the Empress killed foreigners and Chinese, who supported them.

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

After the Emperor died, Cixi and his first wife, which policy was not very interesting, was appointed reagentami with the small heir to the throne (already here it was said that Cixi could not get pregnant, so the son is actually the other concubines, that she was killed immediately after birth).

Through brutal terror against foreigners and the reluctance of the new reforms, began the conspiracy against the Empress. After the first failed conspiracy, learning, Cixi ordered to destroy about five hundred people who might be somehow involved in this.

After her son reached adulthood, Tsy si resigned, but soon he “suddenly” died of smallpox, so the Princess continued reign. In addition, her pregnant daughter was beaten so badly that she lost the baby, so no one had doubt that fear of a new future heir, the Empress has made a great contribution to this death.

The next person she appointed in his place, was her nephew, but he did not like her. As a result, Cixi survived his nephew only for 24 hours. He did not rule in the country, but enjoyed great respect from the people, which aroused the hatred of her aunt. It is believed that the nephew was poisoned. And that was the last evil that has managed to do in this world Empress Qi si.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory – the Bloody Countess báthory (Kingdom of Hungary)

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

Human cruelty, chernoknizhnikov, narcissism – all of it surrounded the young Elizabeth, and, probably, it seemed normal for her. For example, uncle Elizabeth Bathory was a witch, aunt – known serious sadistic tendencies. Another distant relative of the Countess was Vlad Tepes, better known as count Dracula. While her husband, Ferenc nadasdy, was nicknamed “the black knight” for the incredibly cruel treatment of prisoners by the Turks.

Notorious for bathing in the blood of young girls was preceded by many other torture. At first the Countess did not allow himself more than to slap or pinch a victim, less likely to beat with a truncheon. Eventually another penalty that applied Bator, was the needle piercing different body parts is guilty of a servant. Rumor has it that the sadistic “tricks” taught her notorious aunt, who killed two of his men.

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

The room of torture was not only in primary residence Bator, but also in other domains. To torture, the Countess came up with a special variety: poorly ironed clothes – the maid has received in the face with a hot iron, for suspicion in theft of wdwlive in the palm of a white-hot coin, and, besides, had set fire to the hair on the head or genitals, cut fingers, Rostropovich face, flaying the skin with forceps, put the victim in the cold, spraying cold water and watched as it freezes. In short, everything that could think of a sick imagination of Elizabeth and her accomplices.

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

The servants were terrified of Baator, so when the hostess came to visit, they intentionally broke the carriage, released the horses and did everything they could to detain them in the lock longer.

After her husband’s death sadistic Bator only gained momentum. Obsessed with her appearance, the Countess in all ways wanted to stop old age. First it took a bath with various herbs, but she did not believe that youth can be returned so easily.

Bathory decided (not without the help of a warlock), only bathing in the blood of young girls to maintain her beauty. Then started the mass killings of poor peasant girls, which the unfortunate parents gave to the castle, hoping to provide them a better future.

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

Of course, in this case, the Countess had close associates who indulged her desire, and often together with it participated in ekzekutsii. Power, impunity, fear the citizens allowed the city to take these baths almost weekly. Over time, however, the corpses became so numerous that simply was not possible to hide quietly, or without suspicion to push everything to an accidental death. Despite the fact that “officially” to the top of the Bator, it was impossible to get still, rumors among the people about it went quickly.

To speak out against such atrocities started by the priests, but Baator with their pressure managed to close his mouth.

Fatal sadistic desire became Dobrna blood. The Countess decided that the higher the status of the victim, the better the result. Under the pretext of “giving the last course manners” Elizabeth has invited to his castle for more than two dozen daughters of minor nobles. For some of them this “course” was the last event in the life of…

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

Do not notice it could not, therefore, the Countess came up with the fiction that one of the girls went crazy and killed several others committed suicide. Though after members of the nobility believed her, but still, the rumors of atrocities reached the limit, so the Parliament was ordered to investigate the matter.

In the castle found the tortured bodies of servants, of which two corpses in the room of Elizabeth. Through the testimony of accomplices, servants and other subjects, as well as personal diary Bathory – she was found guilty of the brutal murders of 650 people.

Elizabeth Bathory was walled up in his own castle, leaving a small window for eating. So it lasted more than three years and died.

Around this woman still a lot of discussion. Some believe that such atrocities attributed to her uncle, who “investigated” the case, as claimed on her land. However, he could only priblizit the number of victims, and the terrible glory of the people – the Countess “earned” herself.

The Guinness book of world records named her the most popular female killer, although the exact number of victims is unknown.

DariI Nikolaevna SaltykovSaltychikha (Russian Empire)

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

She was born in a Russian noble family. At an early age married the captain of the life guards cavalry regiment Gleb A. Saltykov, bore him two sons. Outwardly gave the impression of a quiet and pious woman, but…

After the death of her husband, 26-year-old landowner became one of the richest widows of Moscow, left his extensive estates and with about 600 serfs. According to the laws of the time, her children were sent to be raised in the guards. Being very lonely, Saltykov has got religion: he made many pilgrimages to the sites where generously gave money to “the Church”.

Later, she is still longing for male affection, and in her field of vision was a young handsome Nikolai Tolstoy (grandfather of the famous poet Fyodor Tyutchev). People say, that was not without incentive, since the fine gentleman Tyutchev worked as a simple surveyor.

Once the landowner found out that Tyutchev in parallel is found from a young and pretty girl, and even had time with her to elope. In a fit of jealousy Saltykov made improvised explosives and ordered the grooms to put in the house where he lived was “wrong”. Men did not want to take such a sin, for which he was severely beaten with batons.

The second attempt of revenge also failed. When the landowner found out that her lover is going to run to another city – ordered the peasants to make an ambush on the road. But whether he was warned about the assassination, he, knowing the temper of the former, poosteregsya, but that road did not go.

It is still unknown why the atrocities began Saltykova: the death of the husband or adultery of a new lover. However, I believe that she had a serious mental disorder, which caused excessive cruelty.

Although men also fall under the death penalty, still suffered the female half, while the age had no value. Badly battered even to children and pregnant women.

The landowner was pasanau to clean, so easy to find any excuse to vent anger: the floors not washed, small stain on the clothes left, the dress is badly ironed.

Beat the unfortunate maids all I could get a hand with a piece of wood, a stick, a branding iron… After lady toluwalase attracted to punishment grooms who are supposed to pull the poor into the yard and cut by whips or rods. If the victim was still alive, she again tightened to the house, and Saltychikha was forced to clean up again. It is clear that tortured the maid couldn’t even move, so now the mistress beat her for disobedience.

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

In addition, often liked povyryvat hair pretty maids, doused them with boiling water, burned with hot pincers, starved, frost tied naked to trees, or were forced to sit in ice water until they die from cold, pulled out the nails, cut off the ears or chest. One day, she killed a servant, had a child. On the breast of his dead mother put the baby, putting the coffin into the cold, the child also died.

It is clear that the rumors of the landowner-the sadist began to rapidly spread not only among the peasants but the nobility. Loaded with mutilated bodies could not be overlooked, and, in fact, they are not very they were buried, saying, behold, another idiot tried to escape, and gave his soul to God.

Drove them to the police, who for a bribe recorded the death, but not from the hand of Saltychikha. And then the priests to bury. Some bodies were so mutilated that the clergy refused to read in Church.

Serfs tried to escape and complain, but they were returned to the landowner, and soon carried the dead to the police “to capture death”. Officials Saltykov pdcurses considerable bribes, because zvirtual still further.

Дияволиці у спідниці: найжорстокіші жінки світу – новини ZIK.UA

The tyranny of Saltychikha would have lasted long, but two serfs were able to escape to report to his mistress the Empress Catherine II. They did not have what to lose – both women died at the hands of domineering, sadistic. One from three: the lady her husband was forced three times to marry and kill each of his wife “to go and grieve”.

Of course, the Queen didn’t really want to quarrel with the nobility and the servants, but decided that it would be a good show trial “justice” in the Russian Empire.

Saltykova was attributed 139 deaths, but the court found only 38. Her sentence was life imprisonment in a monastery. After 11 years the landowner died without admitting his guilt.

About cruel women war period read shortly.

The materials used in this article are taken from open Internet sources.

Prepared By Elena Wadud,

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