Determined the age at which a person feels completely happy

 Определен возраст, в котором человек чувствует себя абсолютно счастливым

Experts of the Centre for economic performance at the London school of Economics and political science was able to determine the so-called “age of happiness”.

According to the conclusion made by scientists throughout human life there are two age periods when there is a feeling of happiness, UNIAN reports with reference to MedikForum.

The researchers analyzed data from 23 thousand people aged from 17 to 85 years. Volunteers worked in stages. At first people held a survey to identify their satisfaction with life. Participants were asked if they are happy. Also, the subjects were told what you see your life in five years.

Five years later, with volunteers again conducted a survey. In addition, participants like last time assessed their happiness and compare it with what happened to them in the past.

As a result, experts have determined that happiness in the period from 20 to 70 is a U-shaped curve. In his youth there would be an expectation of a happy life, but as you age the level of life satisfaction falls with the growing understanding that not everything is as expected. However, closer to 70 years of man realizes he underestimated the importance of the little things and simple pleasures, and his evaluation of life rises again.

“People feel completely happy at 23 and 69 years,” the researchers noted.

According to them, in 23 years the man usually has no serious responsibilities and life seems a succession of adventures. Upon reaching 69 years of age typically have free time and retirement, whereas adverse events related to professional activities and education of children left behind, – it contributes to a more positive perception and evaluation of their existence.