Debt entrepreneurs to the Pension Fund amounts to 23 billion hryvnia – Reva

Задолженность предпринимателей перед Пенсионным фондом составляет 23 миллиарда гривен – Рева

Ukrainian entrepreneurs are not paid 23 billion UAH of the single social contribution (ERU).

This was reported by Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva, reports

According to him, now the debt of business entities to the Pension Fund, namely unpaid ESV – is 23 billion.

“What kind of debt? Now we have a system of compensation of preferential pensions. That is, people who work in hazardous conditions and leave the pension for 5 or 10 years earlier than other people, and receive the corresponding pension payments from the Pension Fund. And the company is required to reimburse these payments to the Fund, the fact is that these pensions must be paid by the employer. Many businesses don’t do this due to lack of funds,” said Reva.

In addition, the Minister noted that in Ukraine almost 500 thousand entrepreneurs working on the common system of taxation, and the ERUs of them only pay 160 thousand.

Recall that for 2018, the citizens of Ukraine have paid contributions for obligatory state social insurance (ESV) in the amount of 228 billion UAH.