Death of Kristoff St. John : his ex-wife was hospitalized after the announcement of his disappearance

Mort de Kristoff St. John : son ex-femme a été hospitalisée après l'annonce de sa disparition

A week after the announcement of the disappearance of Kristoff St. John, his ex-wife Mia has revealed on his account Instagram have been hospitalized.

This is an episode that fans the Fires of love would have preferred to never know. On Sunday, February 3, Kristoff St. John – who embodies for nearly 30 years, Neil Winters in the famous series broadcast on TF1, was found lifeless at his home in the San Fernando valley, California. Called on the spot, the relief could only certify the death of the actor, at the age of 52. Upset by the news, the stars of the series do not cease to pay tribute to their partner. Eric Braeden – best known to viewers under the name of Victor Newman has also revealed that his friend had never recovered from the suicide of her son, Julian – that occurred in 2014. “I think we should avoid talk of that which weighed most on his heart and his soul, namely, the death of his son. How to discuss a topic as fundamentally tragic that this even with a friend ? You do not want to touch this wound , “he said.

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The shock was immense for his ex-wife, it also marked forever by the loss of this son. On his account Instagram, Mia St. John – who has been married to the actor from 1991 to 1995 – was entrusted to the internet users have been hospitalized in recent days. “I got out of the hospital. I apologize that you have been afraid, she wrote in the caption of a photo where Kristoff St. John poses with his two daughters. Let’s stay focused, please, on the well-being of her two precious daughters, Lola and Paris. They love them so much their father, this soul is beautiful, loving and funny he was. There is nothing more important than mental health”

Devastated by the death of his friend, Victoria Rowell – who interpreted Drucilla Winters – has also paid tribute this weekend. In an interview for Entertainment Tonight, she revealed in tears, their last trade. “I had recently sent full of old photos of the two of us. It had me a little alarmed and I had contacted her to ask how it was going”, she explained before adding : “It was always in a corner of my mind because I knew what he was going through”.