Deadly fire in the Kerch Strait, Russia stopped the rescue operation, the chance of finding survivors of seamen there

Смертоносный пожар в Керченском проливе: РФ прекратила спасательную операцию, шансов найти живых моряков нет

The tragedy in the Kerch Strait, where the two tankers are burning, claimed the lives of 10 people and chances are that someone else of the sailors managed to survive – no more. Therefore, the operation in search of sailors from the burning ships in the Black sea moved from rescue to the search.

According to TASS, this was stated in the Rosmorrechflot.

“As of 06.00 on 21 January, the operation moved from rescue to the search for lack of hope of finding anyone alive”, – said the representative office.

According to him, the fire is not extinguished. “The burning continues,” he said.

As reported in the Rosmorrechflot, rescued two sailors from the burning ships and dead bodies will soon be delivered to Kerch.

“At 0500 the tug “mercury” took on Board the rescued sailors and the bodies that were raised from the water, in the near future they will be delivered to Kerch. Night to do it failed because of the stormy weather,”- said the source.

Recall that the fire broke out on the courts, “Maestro” and “Kandy” in the area of the Kerch Strait outside the territorial waters of Russia. According to preliminary data, the incident occurred during transshipment of fuel from one vessel to another. On Board the “Kandy” were 17 people, including nine Turkish citizens eight citizens of India. On Board the “Maestro” were 15 people, including citizens of Turkey and India. Earlier it was reported about 11 dead and 12 rescued, were searching nine sailors.

“The court continue the search. According to the 10 missing people, found 10 dead bodies, 12 people saved. Fire on ships is continuing and it will not be extinguished until all of the gas will not burn out”, – said the representative of the rescue center.

He noted that to deliver the rescued sailors ashore until the weather conditions permit.

Night in the area of the tragedy began to deteriorate weather. According to the hydrometeorological center of Krasnodar Krai, the morning precipitation as rain, rolling in the wet snow and wind with gusts up to 17 m/s. daytime Temperature is from +1 to +6 degrees. The water temperature in the area of Anapa and Novorossiysk is +9…+10 degrees.