Czech pensioner ordered to strip for a nursing home (PHOTOS)

В Чехии пенсионерки заказали стриптиз в дом престарелых (ФОТО)

A resident of a nursing home in the Czech town of Orlova has received an unusual Christmas present. In front of them was a muscular male stripper rocky.

This is reported by the media.

В Чехии пенсионерки заказали стриптиз в дом престарелых (ФОТО)

“The performance gave me pleasure. Among the twenty ladies in wheelchairs were those who immediately tuned in to the right wave – clapped in time to the music, laughed, and their eyes burned. I once spoke to 90-year-old client, so that today’s audience is more young people,” he said.

To see the full Monty was the Christmas wish of an 80 year postality companies named Eva. However, she wanted a public speech to her roommate, too, could have fun. Pensioner sent a letter to the charity organization “Ježíškova vnoučata”.

This is a special project of the “Czech radio”, which is just specializiruetsya on the fulfillment of desires of the residents of nursing homes. In the past year among the completed dreams was, for example, meeting with the singer Karel Gott, the Pope, or skydiving.

Rocky showed two 10-minute presentation in the images of Santa Claus and nurse. One of them was dedicated to Eva, but the dancer interacted with the audience. All of them liked the show.

В Чехии пенсионерки заказали стриптиз в дом престарелых (ФОТО)

“Sometimes they have something on me unbuttoned. One of the women was 92, and she asked permission to touch me, saying that I have never seen such huge men. My height is almost two meters and a weight of 105 kg. It was an unusual impression,” – said the stripper.

In social networks the campaign received a generally positive reaction, however, there were also critics.

“Previously, all these women were young and beautiful. They enjoyed the men, and the men enjoyed them. What are you talking about? Some praise, others condemn. But we are Czechs, so it’s nothing new,” added rocky.

We will remind, in Ternopol a strip club in Texas the theft occurred.

In the night of January 6 in a strip club “Texas” in Ternopil on the street Krushelnytska, the thief came. Young first had a rest in the company of friends, and then decide to go on the offense.