Customs clearance “EuroBLECH”: how much money is actually

Растаможка "евроблях": сколько нужно денег на самом деле

How is the procedure

Only two weeks left until the end of the grace period (22 February) for customs clearance of cars on avtonomera. More and more Ukrainians are trying to get numbers of not pay the extra, and someone still ranges whether the game is worth the candle.

How is the procedure of customs clearance, how many actually need to pay for everything and how not to get hooked on scams, we will tell on own example. Recently, the journalist of the portal Know.ia had to go through the procedure of customs clearance. In addition to a considerable amount also need to be patient.

The issue price

In order to go faster, you should seek help from a broker who charge for services, on average, $ 250.

As to is it profitable to buy a car in Europe, and then customs clearance under the new rules, for anybody not a secret that in the end, very little you will save. Profitable only when the car is relatively new (5-7) years.

In our case it was the Volkswagen Golf IV which is more than 15 years, with an engine 1.9 l diesel. Bought a car for 1800 dollars. In bills of sale the broker has indicated the amount of 1150 euros, which reduced the amount of VAT (20% of the car) and customs duty (10%).

After submitting all documents, including inquiries about snation registration in Lithuania (paid for it 400 dollars, but some brokers charge from $ 200), you will report the full amount of customs clearance.

In our case the amount of customs duties amounted to 58920грн.

Растаможка "евроблях": сколько нужно денег на самом деле

Important, the money should be sent to the account number of customs (it will tell you broker, also you can find and check it on the official website of the customs service). Payment is made in local currency through a Bank branch, via terminal or Internet banking, consider the Bank’s Commission of 1%.

Растаможка "евроблях": сколько нужно денег на самом деле

Remember, the money for customs clearance you will in any case should not give himself into the hands of the broker, only the amount that you called for his services. Exactly this mistake was made by those Ukrainians who now write statements to the police about the fraud, when criminals under the guise of a broker accept the document for the car and the money, and then disappear.

After payment, you with the receipt and the original documents (receipt of payment of customs payments, registration certificate for car, documents of de-registration, bill of sale indicating the cost of purchased car, the passport and identification number) go to the customs.

Previously we paid 1200 UAH broker for preparing some of the necessary certificates, including Euro-2 and the like.

On your car you enter the territory of customs. For the stay there and the services of customs officers at departure pay another UAH 1020.

After filing of documents and wait for 2-4 hours. And all the first quest is completed, the broker will bring you the documents for the customs clearance of the car.

With these documents within 10 days you need to get certified. Is this procedure in Kiev, for example about 4500-5500 UAH.

Then you go to the DMV to register the car registration of the Ukrainian rooms. It costs about 600 UAH.

So, by all accounts, acquired over 48 thousand dollars the car cost together with customs clearance, certification and service brokers to 132 thousand, or $ 4,800. In Ukraine, these cars sell on average for $ 5500-6500.

The vehicle together with customs clearance and exemptions under the new law, will still be cheaper if you bought it already with the Ukrainian rooms.