Crossed legs negatively affect potency – the next revelation from Suprun

Скрещенные ноги пагубно влияют на потенцию – очередное откровение от Супрун

One of the most popular myths in nation States that sit with folded legs is bad for health. Additionally, this position of the legs supposedly affects your psychological state.

Also there is a myth that for men, this posture is harmful. Crossed legs affect potency. Crossing your legs does have an impact on health, but only in some cases.

This was announced by acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.



There are several studies that indicate that crossing the legs while the seat has a certain impact on health. For example, it may cause a slight increase in pressure. A medical worker, measuring pressure, you may be asked to leave the legs in the free position on the floor for accurate results. Studies show that returning the foot to normal, the pressure decreases. Therefore, if you have no problems with pressure, then you harm from crossing your legs is a myth, and high blood pressure really should not sit long in this position.


Prolonged sitting with crossed legs can also negatively affect posture. In one study, established that the seats in this position more than 3 hours a day can cause excessive body bending forward and rounding the shoulders. This position causes muscles to compensate for the shortcomings of posture, causing you may experience discomfort, tension, back pain or joint pain.

However, all the other fears, which can be found on the Internet are a myth. For example, crossing legs and varicose veins are not related. The causes of varicose veins tens, one of them is inactivity and prolonged sitting in General, regardless of posture.

Meanwhile, earlier Suprun was in the top 10 violators of anti-corruption laws.

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