Criminal minds : Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore (Hotchner and Morgan) back in the end of the series ?

Esprits criminels : Thomas Gibson et Shemar Moore (Hotchner et Morgan) de retour dans le final de la série ?

The heralded end ofcriminal Minds leaves, does it envisage a return of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore ?

The announcement of the arrest ofcriminal Minds at the end of a fifth season of ten episodes, has the effect of a bomb. Since, the questions about a possible appearance of Thomas Gibson, the interpreter of Aaron Hotchner, returned in 2016, are going well. As a return of Shemar Moore alias Derek Morgan.

If review Shemar Moore for the end of the series seems quite possible, a recurrence, even if minimal, of Thomas Gibson, appears to be, compromised. The evidence, since his departure from the series, Shemar Moore has already returned twice to see his friends, Kirsten Vangsness, Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster and AJ Cook, the interpreters of the respective Garcia, Rossi, Reid, Prentiss and JJ. Winks facilities through the american channel CBS, which broadcasts criminal Minds but also SWAT, the new series that Shemar Moore is the hero.

In addition to this gateway, the comedian, left on good terms, has never hidden his desire to reappear in the series. “I never forget where I come from. Without the Fires of love or criminal Minds, I would not be where I am, we said Shemar Moore. I’m already back two times in criminal Minds, but it does not depend on me but to CBS. It is they who have to call me. But if they are asking me, I’d love to return… perhaps for the final. It is like my house, this is my family and everyone I miss.”

In regards to a return to Thomas Gibson, the fans must be a reason : it is unlikely to revisit the actor into the skin of Aaron Hotchner. In contrast to Shemar Moore, who has decided to leave the series, Thomas GIbson, himself, was fired after a physical altercation with a writer of the series.