Crimea was covered a new attack. Video

Крым накрыла новая напасть. Видео

Leaked toxic waste

Extraction of sand from the tract of Marshes in the lower-Turbulentnogo tailings in Kerch caused the destruction of the dam, which prevented the ingress of waste into the sea.

On Sunday, 3 February, reports Kerch.FM.

“Sand mining from the Wetlands of the lower-Turbulentnogo tailings, despite the outrage of environmentalists, the public and law enforcement with each passing day it becomes more and more. The worse direct washing of the sand when draining occurs directly in the channel connected to the sea. Thus, all the dirt from washing and sand mining is a city beach,” – said in the message.

In addition, it is reported that environmentalists say about the threat against opening of the tailings on human health. Mining and rinsing the sand provokes various diseases in the sand contains chemicals – arsenic, vanadium, phosphorus and iron, in concentrations much higher than the permissible safe life and human health standards.

Environmental activists and scientists are constantly oppose illegal sand mining, but the mining continues. According to media reports, this toxic sand used in the construction of the Kerch bridge.