Crimea – Ukraine: the Russian world champion has publicly acknowledged Putin the invader

Крым – Украина: российский чемпион мира публично признал Путина оккупантом

The new world champion in rapid chess Daniil Dubov has strongly opposed Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

22-year-old grandmaster from Russia convinced that in a few decades of his countrymen will be ashamed of this episode of history. “Of course, on the Crimean issue I am entirely on the side of Ukraine. History – it changes. We just live in such a period, and history is all nonsense. Well, will two hundred years, well, there is the episode with the Crimea, well, a shame, Yes. But it will pass”, – quotes the words Dubov website

He also commented on the decision by some Ukrainian players to boycott the world Cup in rapid chess in St. Petersburg. “For me, chess is more important than politics. I love my country, but, of course, in recent years reasons to be proud we have less. It’s true. But, nevertheless, I subjectively think that the image of chess does not harm the tournament in Russia”, – said the player.