Crimea in exchange for a “black hole”: in Russia predicted a prudent course of Putin

Крым в обмен на "черную яму": в России спрогнозировали расчетливый ход Путина

Solving the problem of the disputed Kurile Islands, Russian President Vladimir Putin thus trying to remove from the agenda the question of the Far East, which “quickly descends into a black hole.”

This opinion column on the “Apostrophe” stated Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

“Accordingly, if you give these four Islands, you can get Japanese funding for development of territories. It turns out the conflict is clear: on the one hand, the Soviet people, brought up in the tradition of “the enemy does not give up a single inch”, and on the other, the interests of regional development, and painful, because the far East pretty quickly descends into a black hole,” he said.

Thus, according to him, it is clear that even in terms of Vladimir Putin of the far Eastern territory has a very high price – war.

“There’s the Pacific ocean, China, Japan, the United States across the Bering Strait. Far East it is necessary to keep under control, to keep there population, military, technology, infrastructure, to be able to pull the troops. It is a subject of unfeigned concern of the Kremlin. And anyway, this area failed because not enough money there to invest,” adds the analyst.

According to Oreshkin, the Kremlin is very worried about China, which will greatly enhance geopolitical influence.

“Japan militarily is not as intimidating as China, but it has a lot of money. And it would be very good if she invested in the far East of their capital. To do this, there’s one obstacle: Japan considers four Kuril Islands it took away illegally. These Islands were always Japanese: lived there Japanese people, there was Japanese land. And it is very sensitive in Japan,” adds the expert.