“Criconematina”: the Network has criticized a new picture of Ani Lorak

«Силиконоботоксная»: в Сети раскритиковали новый снимок Ани Лорак

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak has revealed a new selfie and ran into criticism.

Photo of Ani Lorak posted in Instagram.

On it the singer posing in the car. Many felt Ani Lorak beautiful, but there were also critics.
“Botox is”, “As always irresistible”, “Criconematina”, “Finally, Caroline, you smile” – write to the network.
Recall that Ani Lorak on the page in Stories in Instagram posted new photos in a revealing outfit. Published photos turned out well too Frank. On pictures Lorak posing in Golden dress with very deep neckline that barely constrained Breasts stars.