Created by hens carrying eggs with human proteins

 Созданы курицы, несущие яйца с человеческими белками

Scientists from Rossinskogo Institute in Scotland created genetically modified chickens that lay eggs with human proteins. High-quality proteins in high demand by scientists for research and for drug discovery. Usually they are grown in cell cultures, however the process is quite time consuming and not cheap. So was offered an inexpensive option with the chickens, which could “cultivate” the need proteins inside.

Moreover, these birds do not suffer — they lay eggs as usual. Scientists are also satisfied from each of the demolished GM chicken eggs can extract large amounts of proteins, enough to clean simple installation. In General, it was cheap and cheerful, writes vestige.

In fact, the eggs and was previously used for growing drugs such as vaccines. In this case, the difference is that now the therapeutic proteins encoded from the DNA of a chicken and produced as part of the egg.

For starters, scientists have focused on two proteins that are necessary for the immune system and have therapeutic potential. First, it is a human protein called IFNalpha2a, which has potent antiviral and anticancer activity. Secondly, it is a protein in human M-CSF, which is part of the newest therapies that stimulate regeneration of damaged tissues.

The experiments showed that a total of three eggs enough to produce clinically relevant doses of a drug. Since a chicken can lay up to 300 eggs per year, the researchers say that their approach will definitely be more cost-effective than other methods. Maybe protein GM chickens will be used in the production of known drugs based on protein, such as Avastin and Herceptin, which are widely used for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.