Created by all-terrain vehicle, ideal for the Ukrainian winter (PHOTOS)

Создан вездеход, идеальный для украинской зимы (ФОТО)

Less than two months enthusiasts from the Netherlands Edwin and Lisbeth Ter Veldi go on an expedition on Antarctica, an unusual all-terrain vehicle Solar Voyager.

It is reported by Autoblog.

Создан вездеход, идеальный для украинской зимы (ФОТО)

So, all-terrain vehicle for the expedition was built with the support of the Fund Clean2Antarctica. It is unique in that the car body is made from recycled plastic bottles. The power plant is driven by solar batteries.

Based on the design of the ATV – 4000 hexagons HexCores. They were all printed on a 3D printer.

The Rover will pull two trailers with a total length of 16 meters.

Machine total weight is nearly 1.5 tons, capable of speeds up to 8 km/h For better cross Solar Voyager is equipped with wheels low pressure strengthening in the form of a metal mesh.

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