Coup in Venezuela: the United States and the EU have recognized President Juan Guido (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Переворот в Венесуэле: США и ЕС признали президентом Хуана Гуаидо (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

The armed forces of Venezuela to support President Nicolas Maduro and not proclaimed himself acting head of state President of the National Assembly (Parliament) opposition leader Juan Guido.

Reports about it “112.UA”

Defense Minister of the Bolivarian Republic Vladimir Padrino Lopez assured that the army will “defend the Constitution of the country and to ensure the sovereignty” and will not accept the President, “which impose to protect the interests of the dark – the self-proclaimed and illegal.”

It also became known that during the protests in Venezuela killed 16 people. It was noted that people died in several States of Venezuela, including the capital Caracas.

The local organization “Centre of monitoring of social conflicts” reported 13 dead, but it takes into account only the victims of the clashes whose identity could be confirmed.

We will remind that on Wednesday, January 23, opposition leader and head of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guido on mass protests declared himself interim President of Venezuela and took the oath before thousands of opposition supporters.

He decided on this day in the capital Caracas and in other cities of the Latin American countries were mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro. People are pretty pissed that this week in Caracas, security forces used force to disperse the demonstrators.

Juan, Guido already recognized interim leader of Venezuela, President of the United States Donald trump. The change of power in Venezuela, supported by Canada, the European Union, and several countries in South America: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Refused to recognize the coup, the presidents of Mexico and Bolivia.

According to the CEC of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro won the presidential election in may 2018, with about 70% of the vote. Thus, he secured his tenure as President of the Bolivarian Republic for the next six years – until 2025, his second term began on 10 January. Non-compliance with minimum standards of real democracy to recognize the election results, the United States declined, as well as Chile and Argentina.

Venezuela for several years is experiencing the strongest economic crisis. Oil production fell in half, prices are rising at a frantic pace, and the currency, the Bolivar continued to depreciate rapidly.

The country is experiencing food shortages, the crisis is forcing Venezuelans to flee the country. According to various estimates, Venezuela has already left 2-4 million people. Nicolas Maduro all the troubles to blame the opposition and the US, which imposed sanctions against the country.