“Could not stand tourists”: the Golden gate bridge fell down a flight of train parts – news ZIK.UA

October 4, it became known that the scandalous Krymsky bridge connecting the annexed Peninsula and mainland Russia, has fallen the passage of the railway part.

Network laugh the fall of the Crimean bridge – reports kriminal.tv.

Blogger RoksolanaToday & the Crimea in his Twitter has published the corresponding photos of the “catastrophe”, sarcastically noting that in December of next year was scheduled to open movement of trains on the railway part of the bridge.

“Today, October 3, fell in the Crimea the Crimean bridge span. Part of the design was in the sea. The opening movement of trains on the railway part of the bridge is scheduled for December 2019,” wrote the blogger.

Note, this post began to leave their views and comments about this web users. Many made fun of the situation with the Crimean bridge, noting that a shame for the Russian government.

“Found Yarosh’s business card?”, “He drowned,” “Damn, quite frankly was waiting for the catch, exaggeration or fake on such a sensitive topic. But, apparently, it’s really the flight turned around. A disgrace”, “And there will be dangerous to walk – not to go!”, “This winter has not begun,” “Not sustained flow of tourists, surprising”, “Save on blue adhesive tape, sinasabi”, “Ruko * PY,” wrote commentators.

As previously reported, at the feet of trump stuck toilet paper and no he did not tell.

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