Contrary to the jury, Marchenko support audience – Strizhenova

Вопреки оценкам жюри, Марченко поддерживают зрители - Стриженова

On his page in Facebook blogger Katerina Strizhenova wrote about the biased attitude of the organizers of the TV project “Dances with stars z” to TV presenter Oksana Marchenko.

“Even after watching a broadcast of this show, understand, and drive, and the editors of the program have consistently demonstrated a biased attitude to a pair of Marchenko-Chaplin,” says the blogger.

An example of such a biased attitude, according Strizhenova is manipulation when the broadcast is going out of context the words of the participants, VoiceOver, host comments that criticize Oksana Marchenko.

Strizhenova argues that the popularity of the TV show brings the participation of Oksana Marchenko, because the audience falls in support of a barrage of SMS.

“Thanks to the participation of Oksana Marchenko the current season of “Dancing” beats all records of popularity. In each issue the audience hear phone Studio a flurry of sms to support a pair of Marchenko-Chaplin,” emphasizes the blogger.

According to Strizhenovoj, another example of bias is “the jury, which stubbornly exposes audience favorites – a pair of Marchenko-Chaplin – the lowest rating. At this time, the judge, as if by agreement, as one put a pair of “seven”. Apparently, the jury forgot that 7 is a lucky number,” – said the blogger.

Strizhenova emphasizes that Marchenko is counting on the support of the audience of “Dancing with the stars”.

“Even before the speeches and voting of the jury Oksana Marchenko said, “I’ll be in this show as much as I want the audience,” recalls blogger.

In turn, draws the attention of a blogger, viewers demonstrate what they want Oksana Marchenko continued to participate in the show.

“That is the basis of her own experience, she initially did not expect a jury, and the support of fans. And the audience, as we see, have consistently demonstrated they really want Oksana Marchenko remained in the show and continued to delight millions of Ukrainians”, – the blogger writes.

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