Consumption of apples helps the body to stay warm in bad weather – the expert

Употребление яблок помогает организму согреваться в непогоду - эксперт

Due to the abundance of iodine, apples help the body to keep warm in the cold, and the iron will save you from chronic fatigue.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

To strengthen immunity in the season of colds, maintain a good mood and good shape experts recommend daily to eat at least 1-2 apples.

Many since childhood knows that baked apples improve the functioning of the digestive system, but this is not their only advantage. For example, green varieties stimulates the metabolism (which is important for those who are afraid to recover in the cold season).

In cloudy weather, the apples are recommended to include in the diet for mood and vigor.

“Apples are useful in almost all kinds, and retains many valuable minerals even after baking. And in order to quickly Wake up and feel full of energy, drink morning tea, infused with fresh fruits Antonovka.

I should also mention that sour-sweet apples (mainly green varieties) a huge amount of this trace element as iron. It is a great prevention for chronic fatigue and anemia. And thanks to the abundance of iodine in the “winter” varieties, the apples help us keep warm in the cold,” says the doctor.

The experts recommend eating apples with candy, because iodine concentrates mainly in the grains.

Daily consumption of at least a few apples will save you from beriberi and ensure the coordinated work of all systems of the body.

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