Conor McGregor will be the father for the second time

Conor McGregor will be the father for the second time
Conor McGregor will be the father for the second time

30-year-old Conor McGregor will soon become a father for the second time. Last night, an Irish fighter mixed martial arts and former UFC champion celebrated his birthday. His girlfriend De Devlin, in the relationship with which the athlete is already ten years old, made her lover an unusual gift. She said that the athlete will become a father for the second time, through Instagram.

Happy 30th birthday, baby! Thank you for what you are! I love you, Conor Jr. and “tummy”,

– the girl signed her post.

The couple already have a common son – Conor Jack McGregor, Jr.. The boy was born in May of last year, but despite his age he is already taking part in father training and confidently triumphs in unequal combat.

Margaret McGregor joined the congratulations of the sportsman. She published a photo, which is imprinted with her son.

I’m happy that it was you who became my first son. I always knew that you would be the world champion. I’m incredibly proud of you!

– wrote the mother of the birthday boy in her account.

Recall, in April of this year, the fighter fell into the epicenter of the scandal. He was arrested and charged with three cases of bodily harm. The enraged Irishman attacked the bus and broke several windows, scattered pieces hit some passengers. The reason for this aggressive reaction was in the conflict between McGregor and the president of the UFC (Absolute Fighting Championship), Dana White, who offered to deprive the athlete of his champion title because of his harsh statements and unstable behavior.

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