Connect all of humanity to the Internet will not succeed until 2050

 Подключить все человечество к интернету не удастся до 2050 года

Certain parts of the world will have access to the Internet over the next few decades, unless significant international efforts to improve education, Internet literacy and build the infrastructure for broadband access.

According to The Guardian, half of humanity already use the network. But due to the lack of expertise and investment, the UN cannot achieve the purposes and to achieve global connectivity. The organization believes that if 90% of humanity will be able to go online, it will mean that the global connection is established. But experts believe that it will not happen before 2050, and perhaps later, UNIAN reports.

The grim assessment reflects a serious digital divide that has arisen between those who enjoys the benefits of the Internet daily and those who do not have enough skills and money to connect or in their region simply there is no Internet.

“There should be no illusions that somehow we can magically connect all to the Internet”, – said the Executive Director of the World Wide Web Foundation Adrian Lovett.

In his opinion, the fact that half of humanity has no access to the network, will create serious problems in the future.

“If someone is not connected at the time, as most inhabitants of planet it is, the marginalization of such people. And it is possible that it will be more difficult and severe than previous cases,” he added.