Communication is expensive: Mobile operators called the new tariffs for connection

Связь дорожает: Мобильные операторы назвали новые расценки за связь

At the end of last year, two of the three mobile operators – Kyivstar and lifecell – have increased the service charges and shut down the old cheap rates. The third operator – Vodafone – has been kept. The last time he raised rates in the summer.

It is reported

A month ago, on December 12, lifecell has decided to raise most of its rates. Someone fee increased by 33% in the tariff plan HYIP and someone as much as 75% as users of tariff plans Lifehack.

In absolute numbers, it turned out that most of the operator rates are increased by 25-30 UAH, and some 40 to 75 UAH.

In the company of the problem not see: can’t pay, switch to a cheaper tariff. Many users have done so. The company notes that the service “designer”, where anyone can pick up a rate myself, in the last month used 5 times more often than usual.

In lifecell noted that since the raising of a large number of tariffs already took place in December, the operator has no plans to raise prices in the near future.

Kyivstar, in turn, decided to abolish some of its old cheap and other tariffs, which had about two hundred.

From January 15 to February 15, 2019, the operator will stop the action of the old tariff plans, which in the opinion of the operator was introduced about 5 years ago and “are obsolete and do not meet the requirements of customers or the market situation.”

The operator decided to clean up the mostly low rates at which subscribers are few and rarely to pay to communicate by voice. For example, the owners of the Basic rate could unlimited to communicate in the networks of Kyivstar and not pay a monthly subscription fee. Calls to other operators cost 1.5 UAH per minute and 50 MB of Internet – 3 UAH. Now, these subscribers will have to go, for example, the cheapest fare Belm Simeri – 75 UAH.

A list of tariffs that are closed:



Belm + Kyivstar



Ultra Comfort

Vilny Kyivstar 35

Vilny smartphone


5+0 Novi!

Vilny Kyivstar


Kyivstar, 3G online 2017

Also, Kyivstar began to transfer subscribers with prepaid tariff Online tariff 4G Online 4G+, which is 40 UAH more expensive, but includes the same package of services. Subscription fee in the new tariff Online 4G+ is 115 UAH 75 UAH is in the old Online 4G. That is, it increased by 50% (excluding the transition from a monthly license fee to four weeks). The tariff was introduced not so long ago — 21.09.2017. The operator said that the cost of services in this rate was significantly below market. what it changed.

In “Kyivstar” has not answered the question about whether the company plans in the next two months to close the old rates, or to increase the cost of the new, the newspaper notes.

Meanwhile, the chief of Department on public relations of Ukraine VF (Vodafone) Victoria Ruban said that they in the near future expected changes in the tariff plans, archival and current. In Vodafone call tariffs adequate to the market.

Now lifecell minimum fare from the current line of prepaid Calls all – 80 UAH per 4 weeks. Kyivstar has the minimum actual rate – Unlimited Social networks – 75 UAH. From Vodafone SuperNet is, the rate of Start – UAH 65 for 4 weeks.

This significantly exceeds the average bill for the provision of services (ARPU), which mobilschiki had in the third quarter of 2018 (56 UAH – Vodafone, 57 UAH Kyivstar, UAH 59 – lifecell). Therefore, most likely, average mobilisimo in the first quarter of this year will significantly increase.

It is noteworthy that all operators are among the current rulers are no special tariffs for calls. Even the cheapest deals necessarily involve the Internet. At the same time, not all mobile users got a smartphone.

Also, earlier it was reported that the company lifecell will significantly increase the cost more than half of the existing tariffs and brings a number of new subscribers at higher rates.