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Тренер збірної України U-21 Олександр Головко: Усе показує результат – новини ZIK.UA

Head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine U-21 football Alexander Golovko praised the actions of his players in the victorious match against Scotland (3:1) in selection to Euro-2019.

– I thought that would be a difficult game, but I didn’t expect that much. The problem is that we had to play from the first minute, but started somewhere in the 20th. This is true not only of the match against Scotland, because we had the same against Andorra. We don’t have much time to pack, but need to work on. We need to make sure that people get results without spending so much nerves. And, of course, did not have to miss. There may be even less questions to the defenders, because in that situation the opponents have passed through the reference area. It’s more of a goal to the Scots than our mistake.

– It is known that Andrey Lunin leave the location of the “youth” and join the national team. It was your joint decision with Andriy Shevchenko? How will this affect your performances?

– All shows the result. Lunin plays as befits a goalkeeper, who gained “real”. Today Lunin acted confident, but this confidence was transferred to the defense. On the other hand, there is the decision of the head coach of the national team. We discussed the issue of composition with Andrey Nikolaevich two weeks ago. I’m counting on the guys who may like to come and not to come.

There were questions on Lunin and another player, whose name will not be called. Andrew played, thank him for that. Now I wish victory to him and to our national team. Our other goalkeepers are ready for the next match. Also there is a possibility that of the “Junior” someone else will leave the ranks of the main team.

– Why is the replacement Maxim Lunev in the first half?

– There is such a thing as pedagogical supervision. I knew that the guy was injured, he’s just part of the game. But in training he looks more confident than some other players, like dynamics and other indicators. Now I have the possibility to choose among the players. I put Luneva and wrong. Replacement connected with this.

I make decisions in composition, but the entire coaching staff have decided that this position will be the max. He can play and help us in the future. He entered the game, received a yellow card, so I had to replace it. I knew that now gave the player more game time than he is able to hold. This is a problem that is recovery – Maxim is not in good shape. I hope that in three or four days he will pick up form, and we will prepare for the next match with Holland, which, incidentally, also won today.

You put young Central defenders. Or they add with each game? As shown by himself against a strong opponent?

– We work with people and build our relationships on trust. If the players meet the requirements of the youth national team of Ukraine, they play regardless of age. Moreover, Vitaly Nikolenko advocates of Kiev “Dynamo” Denis Popov with him got to the world Cup U-19. In Finland they recently played against England, France and other teams. These guys are the future of Ukrainian football. Now I must try to go further, but not everything depends on us.

If I put some, but not other players, guys don’t ask questions. They respect my choice. Today, these defenders almost confirmed that at this stage they are in the best shape. Moreover, Pavlo Lukyanchuk problems with game practice, so he stayed on the bench, Valeriy luchkevych was not included in the application… of Course, we were a little risk, but, on the other hand, when still give a chance to guys? Popov is playing in the UEFA Youth League, and Mikolenko out on the field in the Dynamo. They correspond to the level of the youth national team.

– Alexander Zubkov made a double, though, and played the unusual role for…

– I’m shocked, it’s unbelievable. If Sasha ever tell you how we are with each other talking, you will be surprised. He had such a problem that it has reached a certain level, but stopped. However, mutual trust is bearing fruit, even though I don’t know why he scored. I just helped him, and today he proved it. Zubkov looks like that, because he trusted in “Mariupol”. But do not think that it always will be. This is a problem any player: four days later to play at least good.

Today was our day, and Zubkov converted our chances. Not everyone could do it, I have a question regarding the ability to fight, the pressure and dynamics. However, this is already the third team during the qualifying round – new line of defense, some replacement. Of course, there are key players on whom we rely ever.

– How will the recovery team?

– I think victory is always the best method for recovery. The guys will eat, meet with doctors, get some sleep, tomorrow we have a day of rest. Tomorrow those players, who today took to the field, will play a friendly match with the U-19 team. They will play two halves of 30 minutes. And the next day we got a flight in the Netherlands.

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