Citizens will be able to receive free drugs from the most common diseases

 Граждане смогут бесплатно получать лекарства от самых распространенных заболеваний

A number of medicines and first aid will be offered for free to all residents of the country. The state fully compensates for the necessary drugs from the most common diseases. This was stated today by the Chairman of the PDM Vlad plahotniuc at the weekly meeting of the party.

“In addition to these projects we also have good news regarding the compensation of medicines. When I took the Board in 2016, the list of partially kompensirovat medications contain about 80 species”. increased the number of drugs reimbursed more than 80-150 types of drugs, and we provided free delivery of prescriptions to all children under the age of 18 years. During the period of democratic rule, we have increased the number of reimbursable medicines, from 80 to 150 species. We have also provided free medicines on prescription for all children under 18 years”, said Vlad plahotniuc.

“In addition, at this meeting, we decided on medicines and first aid, making them free for all citizens, and we will be able to pretvoriti this concept to life in February. In particular, we decided that for each of the most common and dangerous diseases is, at least one drug that is offered for free, that is 100% state compensation,” – said the Chairman of the PDM.

“I have asked the health Ministry to hold a press conference on this subject and explain the need for a list of free drugs, and to make sure that the pharmacies offer these drugs to the citizens when they provide them with prescriptions. Thus, we do our duty and the government’s program, as we’ve been doing it for three years in a row since then, as we began to conduct projects for the benefit of our citizens”, said Vlad plahotniuc.