Cirrus commented on the threats brought about by his willingness to stand up for monks

Усик прокомментировал угрозы, вызванные его готовностью встать на защиту монахов

The absolute world champion on Boxing in heavy weight Ukrainian Alexander Usik commented on the aggressive statements in his address after his statement that in case of attempt of capture of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra he is ready to defend the monks.

According to the information Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the page in Facebook, he stated at the VI awarding Ceremony “Children of Ukraine – the future of the nation”, which was held on December 14 at the National Opera house, write News.

“You know that I have a lot of like-minded people. Look, if someone says he wants to hurt someone, you will protect the weak? Yes, it is the common man supposed to do. This is normal. If you walk down the street and see that someone someone has, you have to defend, because it is indifference, if you don’t do this”, – said Ukrainian champion.

However, he explained his position regarding the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. “Why, some radically-minded people have to go somewhere and take something? Where the hell are the police going to be this time? Where is the law? Whose side will he be? Of course, I’m on the side of their homes, their faith,” said the world champion.