Cigar-shaped UFO videotaped over Mississippi (VIDEO)

Сигарообразный НЛО сняли на видео над штатом Миссисипи (ВИДЕО)

Residents of Mississippi were shocked when sky found the mystical cigar-shaped UFO, a UFO was seen only in outer space.

This is reported

Hunters UFO was informed that a giant cigar-shaped object, which is nicknamed the “Black knight”, left the space and appeared on Earth. Witnesses from Mississippi even removed UFO on video, which confirms their words. According to reports, the “Black knight” flew over the city of Pass Christian the day, October 22.

Ufologists are informed that for the first time strange black oblong object the astronauts noticed in space in 1958. However, researchers estimate, UFOs exist, more than 13 thousand years.

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