Chronic disease and physical inactivity can cause excess weight – medic

Хронические заболевания и гиподинамия могут стать причиной лишнего веса - медик

Lead to weight gain may not only nutritious meals, but also a number of diseases.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Weight with proper diet and exercise often signals serious problems. The most common ones are hormonal imbalance, disruption of the thyroid and the gastrointestinal tract.

“Good intestinal flora promotes complete digestion and absorption of nutrients, but if she violated the vitamins and minerals are not completely absorbed and fat is not broken down and stored. So it makes sense to consult a specialist and be tested for dysbiosis or candidiasis. The cause of excess weight may be a violation of water-salt metabolism problem or excretory systems of the body,” – said the expert.

Problem body can also be physical inactivity, i.e. lack of exercise, constant sitting behind a Desk, lack of exercise during the day. As you know, during the movement of our body burns calories, and the more we move, the more calories you burn.

“Alas, to do sports, many stubbornly refuse, even to stop or too lazy to climb to the third floor stairs. Try to reconsider its attitude to the load: think of it as an investment in health and harmony. No time for gym, do morning exercises at least 15-20 minutes, patentability, when you cook the soup, get up to the apartment or the office in the Elevator, the stairs, etc.,” advises the doctor.

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