Christmas present for grandpa touched Network users

 Подарок на Рождество для дедушки растрогал пользователей Сети

A Reddit user shared his family’s tradition of “masking” gifts for Christmas and put a picture of surprise for grandfather.

So, every year for 35 years, the family members try to disguise under the umbrella of an unusual subject, writes RIA Novosti.

According to the author, this year to create a “gun” out of cardboard and foam, it took over eighty hours. He even had to take vacation time to finish it by Christmas.

As the very gift he has traditionally picked the umbrella and to maintain the design used candy canes. In addition, there is a canister with carbon dioxide, allowing to shoot a toy cores.

Network users admired this family tradition.

“It was worth it. One of the coolest things I have ever seen,” said EpsilonTheGreat.

“I’m proud of You,” wrote the Miniscule fish.

“The members of Your family are black belts in the packaging of gifts,” he joked MustrumRidculy.